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Assorted Gourmet Custard Slices

Assorted Gourmet Custard Slices

Our Custardy goodness special deal for limited time! Starting at $34.95 only!

Also available in a 20 pack for normally $56.90 now $49.65

The classic ‘Kiwi As’ Denheath high rise fluffy Original Vanilla, Passionfruit and Chocolate Custard Slices! Available in a gorgeous 12 pack and 20 pack with Gourmet Original Vanilla, Passionfruit and Chocolate Custard Slices. 

Share a slice of NZ heaven. And Support NZ Made products.

(Note: 2 packs of 12 or 20 slices (Or a SMALL petite or small size premium pack) will fit in one chilled shipping box for one P&P!)

Available in one size:
Slice: half a premium potion 3 x 6 cm

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Regular price $34.95 Sale

12 Slice - $34.95 NZD

20 Slice - $49.65 NZD


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