We offer overnight deliveries NZ-wide! Afterpay now available.

Delivery Information / Frequently Asked Questions



Postage and Packaging

Postage and packaging cost is: 
North Island $13.95 per customised chilly bin, ice pack and courier ticket
South Island $11.95 per customised chilly bin, ice pack and courier ticket

We also have an option for you to purchase direct from the factory office. Parking only available on Mill St. Eftpos available.

NO RURAL (RD) DELIVERY SORRY!!! If you order for RD addresses NZ Post will not guarantee overnight delivery so we cannot guarantee overnight delivery sorry. 

All Packaging is fully 100% recyclable 

All HMP Airpop products are 100% recyclable. Airpop boxes can be reused multiple times and recycled.
All Plastic wraps 100 % recyclable
All Cardboard and paper is Compostable

Your Postage and packaging cost includes:
Overnight delivery in a specialty airpop chillybin carton with frozen gel packs to ensure your product arrives in a chilled and in pristine condition.

Please note: The packaging is designed for your desserts guaranteed to arrive chilled. If you require frozen we can add extra ice but cannot guarantee frozen deliveries.

One large package can include
One pack of 20 premium size desserts, one 32 profiteroles or up to 42 Petite (2 x 21), and Up to two 6 packs 

OR One pack can include one or up to two smaller packs

Packs of 6 Premium size, 10 Premium size, 

Packs can be mixed ie you can buy one pack of 12 slices and one pack of 10 premium custard squares and only pay one P&P

Personal Message

Denheath can also include a free personal message if you require one. We can also include your logo, letterhead etc for corporate orders all at no extra charge. 

Delivery Times and Dates

For overnight deliveries, orders must be placed by 2-3pm day before

PLEASE NOTE The delivery can be any time of the day depending on the Courier run. The Desserts are in a robust chilly bin that will keep them cold ALL day!
Note delivery days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
You can choose your preferred date in the calendar. (Please note your preferred date does not show on your order confirmation.)
Orders placed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday by 1 pm will normally be delivered on Tuesday unless specified otherwise.
Saturday deliveries can occasionally be organised depending on your location but the courier do charge an extra ticket charge for Saturday deliveries, so you do need to call us to arrange a Saturday delivery.

You can specify a delivery date of your choice at the checkout.

Rural and P.O Box Deliveries

NO RURAL DELIVERY SERVICE (NZ POST have sadly stopped the free RD delivery service and have advised Occasionally in some areas it may take an extra day for delivery but some of the NZ Post depots can keep the products chilled at the depot so they will not spoil. SO IF YOU DESPERATELY NEED THEM DELIVERED TO AN RD ADDRESS PLEASE CONTACT DENHEATH ON 0800 336 432. PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE AN EXTRA CHARGE FOR RD)

Changing the delivery address

If you contact us before the delivery is sent we can usually change the address.

However if you use Courier Post redirect service your parcel could take up to 3 days or more to arrive and will perish.  We do not want to disappoint you so Please make sure any address change requests are made to Denheath before the parcel is sent.


We only use the freshest ingredients to make these delicious towers of fluffy goodness, so it's absolutely critical we use the very best packaging methods to get them to you as we intended! Our packaging maintains the temperature, keeps the product safe and eliminates the possibility of most damage.

Specialty Polystyrene Cartons

These sturdy Polystyrene cartons are designed to maintain the temperature and eliminate damage. They are designed to deliver you chilled desserts.

Frozen Food Grade Non Toxic Gel Packs

Denheath use frozen gel packs to ensure your product arrives in pristine chilled condition.
An ice pack and polystyrene outer ensures your delivery does not perish or get damaged in transit.

International Orders

If you are interested in an International orders please contact us. For export please see our export page.


Frequently asked questions

How soon can I get my order?

Normally if your order by 1pm you can have your delivery the next day! Note delivery Days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We cannot deliver on Mondays.  We cannot guarantee delivery times.  We can request a delivery time from the courier company but there is no guarantee it will be delivered at that specific time.

Can I get a Saturday delivery?

Sometimes. This really depends on what part of New Zealand it is to be delivered. Some areas do not get serviced by the courier on a Saturday. (Please note Saturday deliveries do incur an extra courier charge and need to be ordered by phone order rather than online).

What do I do when I receive my order?

When you receive your order from the courier take the desserts out of the polystyrene box and put them in the fridge until you are ready to consume them. (Do not store them in the fridge or freezer inside the chilly bin / polystyrene airpop box they have been delivered to you in.)

What time will my delivery arrive?

You will be able to track your delivery with the tracking information we send you after your order has been dispatched.

Deliveries to business addresses  are usually made by 10 am.  Deliveries residential addresses are usually made by midday.  But all deliveries can be made up until 5 pm depending on couriers run and weather.

But please note: Due to volume or weather conditions the couriers delivery cycle may be compromised. In this case your parcel can arrive any time of day up until end of day. If no one is home your package will be left somewhere safe and secure on your property.

Can I request a delivery time or can the courier call me on the arrival of my purchase?

We cannot guarantee a delivery time.  Couriers will not guarantee any request for a specific time. 
We suggest ordering your product one day in advance if you require them for a party or social function. That way you do not have to stress about waiting for a delivery the day of the big event. 

We cannot get the courier to call you when your package arrives but you will get email notification it has been delivered

What do I do with the airpop box and gel pack?

You should recycle these by re-using them for things at home. Have you still got the ice pack, its handy for keeping chilled foods when travelling.  The recyclable airpop box box can be used for keeping chilled food for family picnics, fishing, barbecues.
We want to keep NZ clean and green, so if necessary please send them back. We will recycle them.

Send to Denheath Desserts, 3 Mill Street, Timaru 7910

How big are the Dessert squares?

Premium squares are approximately 6 x 6 cm square . These are great as a full dessert portion.

Petite squares are 4 x 4 cm square. They are a perfect finger food for any occasion.

Slices are 3 x 6 cm and are half the size of our Premium 6 x 6. They are designed to be eaten off a plate with a fork or spoon.

Are any of your products Vegetarian?

Yes Denheath Custard Squares Are Vegetarian

Are any of your products Gluten Free?

No sorry we are not producing anything entirely gluten free at this stage.

Are any of your products dairy free

No sorry we are not producing anything dairy free at this stage.

How long do your desserts last and can I store them?

Denheath Custard, Profiteroles and E-Squares (the Square profiterole) have:

- a refrigerated shelf life of 4 days
- a frozen storage life of 12 months (Once defrosted use within 4 days)

Denheath Cheesecake Squares have:

- a refrigerated shelf life of 6 days
- a frozen storage life of 12 months (use within 6 days after defrosted)

Store your Denheath in the fridge or the freezer. But always defrost Denheath Desserts overnight in the fridge! We do not recommend re-freezing product that has been defrosted. So please do let us know if you want to receive your desserts frozen.

Defrost time:

Premium squares are best defrosted overnight in the fridge. Our Petite squares and slices will defrost in 3 to 4 hours in the fridge if spread out.  But it is best to pop all Denheath Desserts in the fridge overnight for full defrost.  Once Defrosted please store chilled and consume within 4 days.

Are your Desserts Halal Certified?

Yes we are audited by FIANZ our Certificate number is 5766

Do you offer and guarantee?

Absolutely! Denheath run a food safety programme and guarantee the quality of ALL our products. And if your delivery does not make it to you we refund in full. If you have any questions or comments about our products, please contact us, toll free on 0800 336 432. Please retain the product, packaging and best before date.

Recommended defrosting instructions

If you have purchased frozen Denheath Desserts all you need to do to defrost is: Remove them from packaging.

Take out as many as required. Place in fridge on paper towels for as long as appropriate.

How to cut a Denheath Custard Slice

Use serrated edge knife and cut straight down.